Best Wedding Sign Board Ideas To Add A Personalised Touch

By | 21 February 2020

Your marriage is near and we only know what you are looking for! A strange way to make your wedding decorations attractive and worth remembering. While festive wedding themes and fantastic photo booths are increasing at weddings, brides always look to give X-factors their wedding decorations. And do you know how to make your wedding decorations different? With a unique and fun sign!

The rising trend is changing must-have, wedding board ideas are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. From being kept as a prop to being placed in a bar or smack in the middle of your Mehendi function, a wedding sign can be placed anywhere. And the best part is that you can customize it to your taste and give your wedding a fun element that guests and loved ones remember. But if you’re still confused about what type of sign to choose and what to write on it, scroll down for some of the popular wedding sign ideas we found for the 2020 wedding season!

Fun & Quirky Wedding Sign Board Ideas

From being a nice background to inviting people to the dance floor, we have the best wedding decor ideas that are the perfect elements for your wedding.

Welcome Boards

Nothing beats a warm welcome to the guests. From emotionally driven messages written on the board, thanking your loved ones for fun wedding messages for everyone to laugh and enjoy, here are some of the latest wedding sign ideas we found. Mark your favorite bookmarks immediately!

Direction Boards

Something that came out of an ancient carnival, the direction card has been the center of attention at many weddings. You can add it to your dining area, guide guests to different dishes or even during your day events, tell them where to take drinks, photos, food or even the dance floor. When made with beautiful colors, this sign makes a perfect wedding decoration.

Photobooth & Props Sign Boards

Every time we see pictures of a wedding, we can’t stay calm! From stunning backgrounds to covering fun images, photo blanks are decorative elements that you cannot miss. And to add fun to these photo beams, you can use small signs and instruction boards that give your pictures a fun touch. Oh! Don’t miss the bride holding a very cute #RIPBachelorhood!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Sign Boards

What was your last whore of exile without written notes of humor? Signs filled with cheeky and witty fonts are perfect for adding to the fun element of your party.

Dancefloor Sign Boards

Yes, you can have it too! Remind your guests that your wedding is not just a party, but a party where you dance until you fall. From dance floor rules to smart information, these beautiful wedding sign ideas are perfect to place near your sangeet dance floor.