Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos of your Engagement Ring

By | 19 February 2020

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re engaged or your man has proposed to you, and you can’t wait to shout it out to the world. Or better yet, you can’t wait to show this rock on your Instagram that tells the world in the funniest way, which is a very dreamy article. And why not?!

But, before you immediately post your ring photo, we recommend that you hold your excitement a little longer and read this blog first. Well, ads like these are undoubtedly worthy of getting messages that speak a lot and touch people’s souls. And this blog explains exactly how to nail photos of your engagement ring that replaces the mugging eye.

So take notes, plan the perfect post and get ready for lots of hearts, nice comments and the warmest wishes for you!

Tips for Taking That Ultimate Engagement Ring Photo for Instagram

Tips to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos of your Engagement Ring

Decide: A selfie or not?

First thing, first woman, decide on the photo as you wish. Whether it’s selfies, only photos from your hand or normal images are clicked by others. Know what you want!

Choose your pose!

After you have decided what you really want for your pose, the next step is to determine the best pose. You have to show the stone the right way, right? Prepare several options, click on then choose the best one.

Have well-groomed hands & nails

Ladies, you are going to show your ring on social networks and you obviously do not want to take off your nail polish or your tidy nails which will be presented together. So use a sesh manicure or have your nails shaped with beautiful colors to make the image very dreamy.

Lighting matters!

This one has no brain. Good lighting always makes an image many times better than a click under the right lighting. So make sure the lights when taking pictures are amazing. For this reason, natural lighting is better used.

Having a drool-worthy background is unmissable

Have you ever thought about the background you will be facing? Is it a rustic or beautiful wall? Will it be something more beautiful like green vegetables, flower fields or the sea? Or if it’s just a photo of your hand, then maybe an imaginative flat lay? Imagine how you want your image to feel, then choose the appropriate background.

Use props

One of the most practical ways to pose for photos is to insert an accessory. Coffee cups, wine glasses, donuts or cupcakes will replace some very adorable accessories for the perfect photo of the engagement ring.

Bring in your man!

You can also pose with your man or the picture that holds a drawing with him to shout to the world your love for him.

Choose an adorable caption

Your headline speaks a lot and it’s a must that puts adorable information with your posts.

Get online for help

To get started, enlist the help of online sites to inspire you with these photos and captions. This will overwhelm you with ideas and facilitate the process of choosing poses and texts.