Makeup Tutorials For Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies

By | 9 February 2020

Marriage can cause many hassles, right? From deciding the right color of your Lehenga bride to the color of your lips, becoming a really busy bride. In recent years we have seen many changing makeup trends and we were introduced to airbrushing techniques and HD makeup hats can make a bride more beautiful for her wedding ceremony & wedding day!

Makeup Routine For Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies

The bride! Let’s be honest. Hiring a makeup artist for each event can be very difficult for your pocket and that is why we have seen many brides put on their own makeup for pre- and post-wedding ceremonies but tend to lose one or two steps that do not produce the results they can . wants. Whether it’s your engagement ceremony, mehendi, haldi or small pooja function, we give you a simple, easy to remove makeup tutorial with details that you can try and apply yourself. From organizing your makeup base to getting the perfect lip color, here are 10 steps for your bridal makeup to bookmark before and after the wedding ceremony. So without further ado, let’s get started, girl!

Makeup Tutorials For Pre & Post Wedding Ceremonies

Daily CTM routine

The CTM routine is a basic step towards healthy skin. Start following these three simple CTM steps to keep your skin clean and hydrated. For immediate results, be sure to follow this routine twice a day and get a clear glass skin effect before your wedding ceremony.

Starting from the base

Once you have glowing skin with the CTM routine, it is very important to create a perfect foundation before you put on your bride’s makeup. If your foundation is not smooth and tight, makeup will not last long and that is why you do not forget to use primer before foundation to keep your makeup long. See how this popular influencer Malvika Sitlani gets the perfect place for a super light wedding for the bride!

Contouring To Edges

Next is Contouring which plays an important role in determining the lines of the cheekbones, nose and jaw. With the help of contouring and marking, you can make your cheeks look sharp and precise like the famous stylefashionetc blogger!

Fill the eyebrows

Just like our eyes, our eyebrows are something we need to pay attention to! After completing your CTM, makeup and contouring routine, it is very important to fill in your eyebrows patiently because a small mistake can ruin all of your makeup, without going over to check this video on how to fill your eyebrows perfectly.

Apply eye shadow

Glamor your look with a little eye shadow. Try this eyeshadow tutorial as it is very simple and glamorous + this is a smooth eye makeup that you can use in your function without spending a bomb in it!

Perfect winged eyeliner for your beautiful eyes!

There are different eyeliner styles that you can try for your wedding. But what we like most is winged eyeliner. If you are not so sure about making wing-eyeliner, try this stamp, which is easy to use in just 5-7 minutes and it will match your wedding dress, Lehenga or even saree for that matter!

How do you make your lips fuller?

If your lips are thin, you should definitely try this trick. Here are the steps to make your lips look more complete + get the perfect lip shape for your sangeet, mehendi and haldi features!

Blush On = Blush You!

This step is the most fun part of any makeup and we make you blush which makes every girl beautiful for every occasion. And, if you get married soon, mark this step as it will be very useful when you need to do quick touch-ups in the middle of your sangeet performance!


Ah! I’m sure you haven’t thought about this step. Creating the illusion of the effect of glittery or sparkling skin is this final step for makeup as important as the first. Choose a fantastic silver, gold or bronze marker and get a glossy face for your dedication, sangeet, cocktails, mehendi, haldi and even for your reception party!

View a complete wedding makeup

Now that’s what we call a perfect step-by-step makeup routine for the bride and groom! If you missed the bride’s makeup step, don’t miss out on this complete and simple bridal make-up by Ankita who is also a famous blogger on Corallista’s blog!