Top Destination Wedding Photographers

By | 8 February 2020

Finding yourself a beautiful destination to host your happy wedding? Then the next thing to note on your to-do list is to find one of the best destination wedding photographers to capture all the beauty. You spend so much effort and money to turn your marriage into a lavish party, so it goes without saying that it must be well captured. From exotic views of your location to striking bridal portraits to the smallest details, a good destination wedding photographer can preserve everything in stunning photos. In addition, it can even help you relive the most beloved events of your life through skilled photo shoots and their creative events. So spending a lot of time on target photography is inevitable and with us it is flawless!

Finding the right photographer who not only fits your budget but also manages to meet all expectations is a daunting task. We have many effective talents and professionals in this industry. Therefore, to make it a little straightforward for you to choose the perfect center of a trillion experts, we have compiled a list of 50 filtered destination wedding photographers that amaze us with their work at any time. Know the price, photography style and all other important details right below.

What is Destination Wedding Photography?

But before we get into the big list, let’s tell you what exactly wedding photography is for. Destination wedding photography, as its name suggests, is a type of photography that takes place in an unknown environment rather than the photographer’s. This is very similar to a local wedding because it involves the same guest, the same bride, the same photo and the same vibe. The only thing that has changed is the place where the wedding takes place.

And it comes with its own challenges and facilities. Although many are tired and tired of photographers traveling, carrying all their equipment and equipment safely when traveling or photographing in unknown locations, it is also a perfect break for them to get out of their normal photography routine locally. They can not only learn new things, but also build their portfolios and add value to their business.

Top Destination Wedding Photographers

Mentioned in alphabetical order, see our favorite destination photographer below!


Like Banglore, 1plus1studio was founded by female photographer Manvi Gandotra, who has established her expertise in stories for several years and has the expertise to capture someone’s special day very perfectly.

He and his team have captured a variety of marriages, ranging from destination marriages in the woods of Jim Corbett or Rajasthan sand to garden weddings in Cochin because after all, home is where the heart is. Impressed a lot? Order Manvi and his team now and witness the charm they give your sweet memories.

Abhishek Marathe Photography & Cinematography

Planning a destination wedding in Goa? Why not order locally? Abhishek Marathe Photography & Cinematography is truly the most promising destination for wedding photographers and videographers based in Goa.

He and his team have experience of recording different types of marriage and have experience of capturing beauty for a moment. They have a great interest in creativity and are good with all types of photographic equipment. Save them for your big day and have every beautiful moment photographed for T.

Aniket Mazumdar Photography

The perfect blend of honest little moments and lots of style and aura is what best describes Aniket Mazumdar Photography’s work. He screamed perfection in everything. He and his team have the talent to tell stories and weave at any time from their partner’s big day in a very creative way.

As he shared his love story with photography and marriage, the founder said with his own words, foot. As an honest photographer, I really believe that there is life at every moment … You just have to see it and show it! 🙂 In the couple’s short smile at the wedding, in the honest laughter of a toddler, under the sunlight flowing through the beautiful smile to a bride and in a moment of “I do” for life, I can tell you, I have seen life and happiness. Living among all the drama in the wedding house and the beautiful little things we often forget, I realize how I love to create moments … stories to tell! ”

If this doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what’s coming!

Feather Tree by Aviraj Saluja

Feather Tree by Aviraj Saluja is an imaginative and diligent photographer team with more than 8 years of wedding photography and cinematic experience. Aviraj is known for his sensitivity to capture moments in ways that even the words cannot describe.

From making the most shy bride posing as a pro to being spontaneous by clicking on every beautiful moment and vibration, Aviraj Saluja is a true master in her work. Elegant, artistic and soulful are the words that best describe the style of his photography.

Beginnings for You

Are you bad for details? Then “Beginnings for You” is a package of artistic photographers whose work will surely suit your taste. Founded by Simran in 2012, it is currently one of the most creative wedding photographers in the world of wedding photography.

They shoot Indian marriages on their real essence and you can see everything through their portfolio. Whether it is stunning jewelry shots, charming bridal portraits or stolen stares that are perfectly arranged, each of their compositions is worth fighting for. Don’t Believe Go to their site and don’t forget to order it!

Bhumi & Simran Photography

Bhumi & Simran Photography was founded by a tag team of two people, who were very enthusiastic and passionate about their work. Their phenomenal photography style and how they work distinguishes them from their peers.

They put all their hearts and souls into every marriage they cover. Whether talking to their customers in-depth about their needs and vision or just turning their special moments into a timeless and unique photo, they do everything to make their work stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, Bhumi & Simran Photography is a sure winner for such a great day as your wedding day. They help you freeze your “important moments” into something very beautiful. Go to their garden to see their work!

Cam Catches

Cam Catches, led by Saurabh Dalvi, is a photography label created by a group of enthusiastic photographers. Based in Goa, these professionals follow a very relaxed and creative photography style with a fine art. Reality becomes their core style, they make sure each photo is composed with the right amount of reality in it.

In addition, they capture moments filled with strong emotions, whether they laugh or tears. So if you’re looking for something less artificial and a more honest style, let Cam Catches be your rescuer on your big day. They will turn your extraordinary moments into lasting memories.

CineLove Productions by Luxmi Studio

Luxmi Digital Studio’s wedding photography and film department, CineLove Productions, is a team of award-winning international photographers and filmmakers. They are one of the best destination wedding photographers based in Delhi that use a combination of voguish storytelling techniques to turn your wedding story into a lasting memory.

Their fantastic wedding story gives you the opportunity to stare and be enchanted by your own romantic fantasy. Can’t wait any longer? Go, order them!